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Developing Clinical Judgement 2012 - Assignment 1 Part A: Database search

Find three (3) peer reviewed articles related to learning; clinical reasoning; theory-ways of knowing; or clinical practice.
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Using the Library's Nursing & Midwifery subject guide - select the Journal Articles tab and choose 'Articles via Databases.'

Step 1

Choose three (3) nursing and allied health databases listed under 'Most Relevant Databases'. For example, CINAHL, PubMed Central and Health Source Nursing.


Step 2

Choose one (1) of the following topics to conduct a search on:

  • learning or
  • clinical reasoning or
  • theory-ways of knowing or
  • clinical practice


Step 3

Conduct searches to find one (1) peer reviewed article on your chosen topic from each of the three (3) databases you selected in Step 1. You need to find three articles in total to submit.

Search tips:

  • Use the limiters listed in the left hand menu to refine your search. E.g. Publication date within the last 5 years (2007-2012); Peer reviewed articles (not available on all databases)

  • Try using the 'Suggest Subject Terms' check box at the start of your search if using CINAHL, Health Source Nursing or Medline (this process was demonstrated to you in your lecture and tutorial in Week 3).

  • In Medline and PubMed/PubMed Central include the keyword 'nursing' in your search, as these database are medical databases, not nursing specific databases.

  • In PubMed/PubMed Central, place keywords such as "clinical practice" and "clinical reasoning" in quotation marks " " so that you are searching for these keywords as a phrase and not as two seperate words.


Step 4

Do a screen capture of your final results page in each database showing the keywords you used to conduct your search (these will be listed at the top of the page in the search boxes), the limits you have applied to the search (these will be shown on the left hand side of the screen), and the name of the database you used (listed at the top of the screen).

Paste the screen captures from each database search into a Word document. You also need to indicate which article you chose from your final results list. You may like to add a note underneath the screen capture indicating which article you chose OR you could provide a screen capture of the Detailed/Complete Record of the article you have selected.

To do a screen capture:

  1. Have the final results page from the database you used open on your screen
  2. Press the Print Screen (PrtScn) key found at the top right hand side of the keyboard, next to the F12 key
  3. Open a Word document and Paste the screen capture into the document

**If you are using a Mac computer, to do a screen capture you need to Press the Apple/Command key + Shift + 3 all at the same time.

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