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E-Reserve is an online service which makes unit readings available for students.

You can access E-Reserve readings in Learn Online (Moodle) if your lecturer has provided access to readings for their unit. 

Your lecturer will add readings to the Moodle page either:

  • Within weekly folders
  • Within modules
  • By topic
  • As a separate listing

If you cannot see a link to a reading on your Moodle page and your lecturer has indicated that there should be one, contact your lecturer.

E-Reserve provides access to a range of material which aims to enhance and complement your studies. Material can include:

  • Scanned book chapters
  • Scanned journal articles
  • Scanned illustrations or photographs in colour
  • e-Journal articles the Library subscribes to
  • e-Books and/or chapters
  • Links to material on websites

The E-Reserve material is only availble for the unit’s current teaching period and conveners are obliged to comply with the Commonwealth Copyright Act.

For student queries with E-Reserve, please direct them first to your teaching staff, and failing this contact the library on 6201 5082 or

Comments (2)

  1. We just really need to know where the link to e-reserve actually is, so we can access the e-reserve readings. We are not so interested in the philosphy behind it. The old link on the library has changed and disappeared somewhere. Is it in the unit in moodle now? So many people I have spoken to say that the constant changes in moodle are driving them insane. It's a wild goose chase almost every semester.
    by Michelle Thomson on 25 Jul 2015.
  2. Thanks for providing us with feedback regards e-Reserve readings.

    The FAQ has been updated.

    Essentially the information is the same but we have tried to not only emphasise that access to e-Reserve readings is now only available from your Moodle page for the applicable unit, but that Lecturers determine just where the readings sit within the page.

    There is no longer any link to e-Reserve that students may have become accustomed to. It is a new process for not only students but also teaching staff as a result of a new platform that the University has adopted to now host e-Reserve readings.

    The Library e-Reserve staff input data into our new platform, to enable Lecturers access to their nominated readings to then import into Moodle for student access.

    For students this will be more intuitive as it gives Lecturers the flexibility to contribute readings within their current page structure for the applicable week, topic, or module. Some Lecturers will choose to create a single listing of readings but this too will be from within the unit Moodle page.

    I hope this answer assists. We can certainly appreciate your frustration with ongoing changes, as do teaching staff
    by Helen Duffy on 31 Jul 2015.

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