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At times when you try to go to certain Databases or eJournal from the Library's catalogue you might encounter an error message which refers to the website's security certificate or it mentions that the connection is 'untrusted'.

What is happening is that your internet browser has interpreted the Database or eJournal as a threat to your computer. In most other situations it is important to take note of what your computer is telling you and you should not attempt to access the site. However when you are trying to access a Database or eJournal that the library's catalogue has directed you to it is safe to push past the security messages and veiw the site.

Please follow the instructions below for how to do this:

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the link in the catalogue
  • If asked enter your student ID and password
  • On the Security Certificate error page click on the link "Continue to this site"
  • This should take you to the Database or eJournal you are after



  • Click on the link in the catalogue
  • If asked enter your student ID and password
  • On the "This connection is untrusted" page select the option "I understand the risk"
  • Select the "Add exception" option
  • This will bring up a set of options, select the "confirm security exception"
  • After this you should be taken to the Database or eJounral you were after

Please be aware that you should only follow these instructions for sites that you know or trust. In most situations you need to rely on your own judgement as to whether a site is trustworthy or not.

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