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When you create an EndNote library, EndNote will create two file types for your library - the .enl file and the .data file. The .enl file is the one you use to open your library. The .data file is the one that stores all the information for your library and is represented by a folder icon. So if you create an EndNote library called "Pete's EndNote Library", then you will have one file labelled "Pete's EndNote Library.enl" and another file labelled "Pete's EndNote" where ever you have chosen to save your library.

EndNote allows you to setup and sort your references into groups. Sometimes these groups may be lost if your EndNote library file ending in .enl is deleted, lost or moved.

If the .enl file has been moved, then you need to move it to the same location as the .data file. Once you have done this, shut down EndNote completely then try re-opening the .enl file. Groups should be recovered.

If the .enl has been lost (cannot find its location), try conducting a file search to find it. Then move the .enl file to where the .data file is saved. Shutdown EndNote completely, then try re-opening the .enl file. Groups should be recovered.


If the .enl file has been deleted, but the .data file is still available, groups won't be able to be recovered. You will need to set them up again.

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  1. This worked perfectly! I thought that my folders were gone forever when I opened my endnote today, but it turns out that I had just moved my .enl file without moving my .data file. When I put them in the same location all of my folders came back. Thank you!
    by Courtney on 07 Feb 2017

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