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Some referencing styles require you to use abbreviated journal titles. To use these abbreviated journal titles in EndNote, you need to download the relevant term list for your discipline and add it to EndNote:

  1. Save your relevant discipline term list from the files listed below.
  2. Open EndNote and go to Tools > Open Term Lists > Journals Term List
  3. You first need to delete any terms that are currently listed. To do this press Ctrl + A. This will highlight all the terms in the currentl list. Then click on Delete Term.
  4. Now go to the Lists tab. Select Journals from the list , then click on Import List...
  5. Find the term list file that you saved earlier and click on Open, then OK. This will import the new list
  6. Select the Terms tab. You will see a whole list of Journal Titles, with their matching abbreviations. Close the term list window.
  7. You now need to edit the referencing style you are using to use abbreviated journal title names. Make sure the style you are using is selected from the drop down menu in the tools bar.
  8. Go to Edit > Output styles > Edit "[name of the style you are using]"
  9. Select Journal Names from the left hand list, then select Abbreviations 1
  10. Go to File > Save as... and give the modified style a new name (e.g. UC_APA_6th_ed_abbreviated Journal Names) and click Save. Close the style editing window.
  11. Go to the style drop down menu in the tool bar and select your modified style by clicking on Select Another Style and selecting the modified style from the list. Then click Choose.


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