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Westlaw AU Search Connectors

AND & (or a space) Search terms in the same document:
Eg trade & mark & registration
OR or Either search term or both:
Eg car or automobile
BUT NOT % Documents not containing the term or terms following the % symbol:
Eg taxation % income
Use the % connector with caution; it may cause relevant documents to be excluded from your search result.
Phrase " " Phrase Search terms appearing in the same order as in the quotation marks:
Eg "fiduciary duty"
Numerical Connectors /n Search terms within n terms of each other (where n is a number):
Eg person /3 jurisdiction
+n The first term preceding the second by n terms (where n is a number):
Eg capital +3 punishment

Multiple Character Wildcard

To search for terms with multiple endings use the ! character. For example: object! will retrieve object, objected, objection, objecting, objectionable.

Universal Character

To search for words with variable characters, use the * character. When you place the universal character within a term, it requires that a character appear in that position. For example, withdr*w will return withdraw and withdrew.

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