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Yes, you can download the references from your RefWorks account and add them to EndNote. Instructions to add import references to both the desktop version of EndNote and EndNote Basic (web) can be found below.

Note that attachments and personal comments will not transfer so you will need to save and add them individually to EndNote.

If you wish to keep your current folders, you will need to set up 'groups' in EndNote and then save and import each folder of references separately. Select and drag your references into the appropriate group.

If you are currently using RefWorks Write and Cite in a document, we recommend that you either complete your work and generate the reference list using RefWorks or start over adding your references with EndNote.

Copy your references from RefWorks:

1. Log in to RefWorks.

2. Open the folder you want to copy, or choose View > All References to copy all of your references (see below).

3. From the References dropdown menu, choose Export

4. Select Export Format: Bibliographic Software (Endnote, Reference Manager, Procite) (see below).

Click Export References.

endnote desktop screenshot

NOTE: if your references do not appear on the screen, look for a message such as this in the corner of your screen and click to download.

5. Your references should appear in a new window in this format:

ID  - 63
T1  - Scientific Observations
Y1  - 2010
Y2  - 07/03
VL  - 178
IS  - 1
SP  - 4
EP  - 4

Right click on your browser window and choose 'Save As.' Save the references on your desktop as a .txt file. You may need to manually change the name of the file to something like RefWorks.txtImport into EndNote Desktop:

Importing to EndNote:
Option A: EndNote Desktop

1. Open your EndNote library. Open the File menu, choose Import.

2. A box will appear. Select the following options to import your references:

  • Import Data File:  Click Choose File… to locate the text file you saved from RefWorks.
  • Import Option: Click Other Filters and select Reference Manager (RIS).
  • Duplicates: Tell EndNote what to do if it finds identical citations.
    • Discard Duplicates - do not import citations that already exist in the library. 
    • Import All - bring in all citations. You may need to check for and remove duplicates later. 
  • Text Translation: keep as No Translation.

Click Import.

3. Check that your references have been imported. You should be able to see your RefWorks references in the Imported section.

Option B: EndNote Basic (web version):

1. Log in to EndNote Basic.

2. Choose the Collect menu. Select Import References

3. Select the following options to import your references:

  •    Choose your .txt import file
  • Import option: Refman RIS
  • To: select a group to import your references to, create a new group, or add them to 'unfiled'

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